HDFC Life: Our contact number has changed, now get to work!

So a financial institution changes its contact number. This may not be such a life changing event but for the customers who have saved the number and use it often, a change that is communicated via email instead of the phone (duh!) can be irritating. Or does it have to be? Simple tools exist to send the changed contact number to the recipient’s phone from a simple webpage ( uses it) I am sure something similar could have been done.

But I got this attachment in my email that was, hold your breath, a jpg file! So I can’t even copy the number by selecting it and updating my google contact, say, and let it get updated on my mobile.


The important question to ask is, “Does the service in question (HDFC Life) expect their valued customers to type the number again (either on the desktop or on their mobile device)?” Many of us access emails on the mobile device, the same device that gets used to call them up. Who on the side of HDFC Life is really thinking about customers? Perhaps you could have saved the time you spent developing this emailer into thinking about ways to make life easy for your customers.

PS: the emailer in question also has icons for Helpline Number, SMS code, Email ID, Website URL but none of them are clickable (usable)!

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