TactioHealth: Confusing form cues

Recently I downloaded the Tactio Health app because everyone around me thinks I should lose some weight and become fit. Fine. I took the first step (Second, actually. Livestrong’s Myplate is a great app that I still use to track my calorie intake)
What amuses me is how web forms of any kind are still designed with less love and care (even if better UI elements get created).
Take the following screen for instance. The user is supposed to declare gender. At the same time the same screen had to let the user navigate between questions (there were many).
The Gestalt principle of connectedness is destroyed here as the gender Male is closer to ‘Previous’ button and Female is somehow closer to ‘Next’.
Feminists may read into this differently, but I don’t even know how a user will respond to this question before going back or forward in the form.
There are no affordance cues other than those two buttons (appears as things to press to respond)
I have not managed to get past all questions and my health goal seems distant, but I sincerely hope Tactio listens to this and changes these screens.


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