Simple Template for Blogger: gestures cut a long story sh

While reading a blog on a phone you are expected to scroll to read it completely (as there is no limit on the length). So why would you provide a left / right swipe to jump to previous/ next posts? But Simple Template for Blogger just did that!
I was reading a particularly long post (10 downward swipes long,say) and I wanted to check how much was left to be read. So I used my thumb to quickly swipe multiple times. I am sure I must have slipped and changed direction of my thumb movement on the 5th one, and I was suddenly reading the next post! I quickly swiped back, and gave one more swipe for good measure when it took time for the page to load. Sure enough I was thrown 2 prior posts. By the time I came to the post, I had lost the place I was reading at…
I was reminded of reading wired magazine on the iPad. You scroll vertically to read one article, you swipe left right to move between stories. But that’s an iPad. You have to make bigger gestures than a flick of a thumb to commit to a navigational response (ok, maybe you can do the same with thumb, but you would be more mindful while doing it).
Sometimes you need to curb your desire to use multiple gestures if the resulting user experience is one of frustration.


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