Whatsapp: iOS 7, yet none the wiser!


I have seen everybody who uses whatsapp hate it for one or the other reason, Yet, nobody I know can stop using it. There are groups made, conversations stored, jokes forwarded. In short, social life as we know it. Some people I know, when they lost their mobile phone, were more worried about their whatsapp conversation that went away with it!

And yet, there are problems. The first one is about how to react to a message. In a group conversation, messages flow like water under the bridge. More appropriate comparison would be Facebook posts. So if one fine morning you saw 30 unread messages and you find one joke (15th message, say) quite funny, there is no way to ‘like’ that message, or send a smiley as a reply to it specifically. Some people may find it rude that their jokes are not laughed on! So if your smiley is 31st message in response to the 15th, it may create a funny string of conversation, as you never meant your smiley as a response to the 30th message! (good luck with convincing the sender on that).

Now I know Whatsapp has a structure of ‘messages’ and not ‘posts’. But I did expect (unrealistically, perhaps) that they would make this change at least for group conversations with their iOS7 version, but no sausage!

The second and more irritating thing about Whatsapp is that you HAVE TO scroll through all the messages (especially long winded jokes) to reach the bottom and see the latest one. Like in FB, there should have been a limit on how many lines you display before someone deciders to ‘continue reading’. On a mobile device, one scroll is enough to decide if you wish to read anything or just move along and see other messages. There is a real danger that important messages may get lost in this landslide!

This unending scrolling once irritated me so much that I actually left a 40-jokes-an-hour kind of group saying that I am afraid the real important messages would be lost and members rather email me or send me a text if they wanted my attention. What’s wrong with a simple truncating of messages and letting the user decide if it is worth reading? I sincerely hoped that they would make this change in their iOS7 version*. Again, no sausage!

Therefore, I remain, a reluctant user of Whatsapp even in this new year. Well, you can’t blame one to embrace the only popular way in existence that defeats the ‘charging-per-message evil service provider regime’ on daily basis, can you?

* I asked a developer about this and I was told that on Android, you can do this truncating programmatically, but it’s impossible on iOS as of now.


  1. I really appreciate the concept of having continue reading option but there are some cases when people ignores when they realize that the message might be to long so leave it and for adding feedback to any particular post sometime this may break the conversation for this only we mention name of sender in the message just to remind him that we remember his joke.

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