Foursquare: Turn On Turn Off

There are times when I get fed up with my always-on online presence. Facebooks of the world have made it difficult for their users to log off by hiding that menu option under something called ‘Account’ or ‘Settings’. I hear them sing, “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!”

Yet one of the joys of having a mobile device is to be able to turn off location services every now and then. Go underground, become invisible to the prying eyes of my foursquare friends. Go missing!

But when my pangs of solitude get subsided, I invariably come back to civilisation by the means of Foursquare. All eager to know who is eating what, at which restaurant. Who is shopping where, with whom, etc.

As a user I want the app to submit to my wishes, not take orders from it. But see what treatment I got:

Situation – I launch Foursquare app.
Condition – my locations services are turned off.
I see this:


Well, I don’t wish to click that close button. I do wish Foursquare to ‘turn the location services on’ as the question suggests.
So I tap on the pink band. And what do I see?


Ah! A lesson in how to use my phone! Perhaps handy for the first time iPhone users, but I’ve been playing with this toy for over a year, thank you very much!

With a little irritation I press ‘Got it’. Because I really did. And I discover that I just closed a pop-up box, but no action is taken:


So I am missing out on amazing recommendations and tips sent directly to me! Boy, wasn’t that the reason I took this course of action? So I tap ‘Turn on your Location services’ only to see that pop-up I just closed. No action!

Before I compose a post criticising Foursquare, it was only fair that I check what other apps do. Google Maps simply told me that my Location services were disabled. No Action. No tutorials either (thankfully)!


Among all the apps only Instagram did what I expected it to do. It realised my Location services were disabled, and simply showed me a dialogue box, where all I had to do was to tap on ‘Settings’, and I was taken to the Location services settings screen!


In two taps, I was back in business! Back to life!

All above mentioned ape are successful in their own right. But the one that thinks carefully about user experience gets my vote of approval. The key is to care about user expectations, draw as many scenarios as possible before settling on the final interaction design of the application.

In this regard, Instagram wins hands down. Foursquare, are you taking notes?