iOS 8 Spotlight Search: A Simple Yet Helpful Tweak

Sometime, amidst the frenzy of new arrivals of features and capabilities, simple things go unnoticed. No matter how small, every design decision to make life easy for the user must be applauded. Case in point: Visual treatment tweak to Spotlight Search on iOS8.

Once upon a time, when Steve was alive, iOS made sure that the user is taken to a different screen to perform search for apps and other data on the device (as well as on the internet if the device is connected). The reason – To let the user focus on the task at hand and not be disturbed visually.


There was one problem, though. The user had to scroll away from the current screen. And if the screen was 5th or 6th on right, the user had to either scroll frantically to go to the search screen on left, or press home button and swipe left.

iOS 7 corrected this, making Spotlight search available on every screen. All the user had to do was to swipe top-down and the search bar was there!


What got forgotten was the focus earlier design provided. As the search bar appeared, the chaos of app icons stayed on, adding a few moments for the eye to travel to the search bar.

Now, in iOS 8, this has been corrected. The whole screen gets blurred so that the user can focus on the task at hand.


This may seem trivial, but not to the UX team at Apple. Someone over there is fighting out these small issues. You may call it going back to what worked, or realising your mistake, or an internal argument getting settled with actual product usage test. However achieved, this design tweak will add up perhaps a milligram of user satisfaction. Yet we must agree that every bit helps to achieve a great user experience.

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