My Burger King: Daunting Task of Responding to Surveys


I like taking surveys. I like taking survey that tell me in advance how much time they will take away from my limited existence on this planet. I take them even if they don’t offer some goodies or discounts. Why? because I like to help people give me better service text time. But sometimes horse falls at the first fence.

Last evening I went to Burger king outlet in Phoenix Mills, Parel (Mumbai, India) with my daughter. I wanted her to eat a real burger and not ask for some stupid toys. And were we model customers! We ate our burgers in peace and generally kept the table clean. Just then an attractive young girl in official looking attire walks upto me and smilingly requests me to fill out a survey. The carrot? A whopping 10% discount on my next order!

Here are the things that I, as a respondent, was supposed to do:

1] Go to the burger king website on my mobile device.This means I was to use my mobile device and mobile data. I would have appreciated if they just handed over a paper and pen. Perhaps an iPad, the way some of the restaurants have started doing nowadays.

2] Tap on the continue button so that the real survey starts. Hmm. Did I gave up my inheritance to them by clicking on that button? Don’t know. The text was too small to read.

3] Input a small number on my receipt. The number was difficult to read, so she offered to dictate that to me. Not type it herself. And I got to know why very soon.


Each of these text boxes took only 3 digits (except for the last one which took only 2). But every time I typed fourth digit, the field won’t take it! I had to MANUALLY tap on the next field and start typing. I was supposed to do this type+tapping 6 times. Just to start the survey. Now I know this can be easily done in markup. Credit card forms do this all the time.

Well I didn’t want to disappoint the girl, who incidentally, was just doing her job. So I did all that

4] Now I had to start answering the questions and that’s when I gave up. You can see here why –


Huh! I was sitting there, that means I was dining-in! What kind of stupid question was that??? But let it be. How was a poor web app to know? What scared me most was the ‘percentage completed’ text. It said that this question is just 1% of the survey!

This meant that I had to devote about 20-30 minutes of my time on this while all my daughter wanted me to do was to get out and follow her to Hamley’s where I would be spending much more money than I did here. Perhaps it was this prospect that made me give up! But I looked down at the screen again and was convinced that it was the 1% that scared me the most.

Long story short, I may love their burgers, but their survey sure needs some work.

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