Logitech Keyboard K480: These instructions would self-destruct in…

Do you keep the stickers on your television set? The ones that are best suited to tell customers about the features in a shop environment? I promptly remove them, but I have found out that I am in the minority! Most people tend to get used to instructional text, illustrations and stickers on appliances. Once you have understood how the device works, or what all features are there, they tend to visually ignore such instructional graphics.

It is argued that the human brain sees everything. Listeners to every noise. Registered every smell and touch. We just filter out what’s not necessary, but the brain has to do all the work nevertheless. That’s the reason why many good designers tend to remove ‘visual load’ from their designs. Choosing simplicity versus complexity.

Exhibit A: The instructional stickers on the Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard K480.

This handy device connects to up to 3 devices simultaneously. Not something that we use everyday. Therefore some amount of user education had to happen before the first use. There were some five steps illustrated on a black sticker – the kind that users generally tend to keep on.

But unlike most devices, this one also had a small flap that one can pull and remove the sticker. Evidence that the designer wanted the user to remove the sticker and visual load that it brought with it. The instructions were necessary to initiate the use but unnecessary for continual use.


For the record I have made an exception and have kept the sticker on. In respect to the designer who was kind enough to provide the sticker-flap. 

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